For years, Black Jack has roamed the woods of Cape Breton  on the silver screen! Now, one of Hollywood's greatest monster creations is back for a celebration of nearly four decades of this horror movie legacy with classic scenes from all five of the award winning, critically acclaimed Black Jack films!

Celebrate the wacky, zany, cringy, gory glory that is B-Movie madness with this homegrown tribute to cult classics. A spectacular Halloween event from the creators of the TALES FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE WELL Trilogy and FRANKENSTEIN.

A Note from Writer/Creator, Austin Outberger

I remember when I was a kid, I would always have these really crazy nightmares about this dude all in black, coming after me in the woods; using whatever he could as a weapon to try to get me. I would aways just get away. I think it was so I could eventually tell his story. If he killed me, then the story would end with my dreams! When Steve Bleck and I frst pitched the idea of 'Tales from the Campfre' to Argopelter, we needed a solid story to attach to it. Steve mentioned one he heard when he was a kid growing up in North Sydney (a little mining town on an island on the east coast of Canada) about a guy named Black Jack Smith. It wasn't until we started making the movie and the frst models for our Jack Smith costume were paraded in front of me that I realized that this was the guy from my childhood nightmares! Needless to say, it was pretty far out. But, at the same time, really ace. Steve and me – we were on the same page. Originally the killer in the frst Black Jack movie was supposed to be his mother Sarah (who was later rewritten as his sister), after all, Jack Smith was only a little boy when he “died”, and him suddenly becoming a grown man, killing people in the woods made no sense at all. It would just be sloppy story telling, really. But, well, Steve was set on the bad-guy being this big dude in in black, and his name had to be Jack. He always tells me that Jack was his bully when he was a kid, and that's why he wanted Jack to be the villain—so that he would be killed in the end. Steve's got some issues, but it's nothing a little Hall and Oates won't fx! It was mostly all our friends at the time when we made that frst movie. We actually slept in the cottage that we rented for the main set—even after it was “accidentally” burned down. We wrote and edited and rewrote all day and shot all night. We did nothing but live that movie. Really long hours. The guy that we had playing Jack Smith (Steve's cousin Gunnar) wore the mask so long that he actually started to get delusional. He started thinking he actually had to kill all the people around him. It was kind of scary at the time, but we also got some great reactions from the other actors and really cheap blood effects. Since we wrapped part 2, people have been asking me what we have planned for AFTER that. I'm not really sure, actually. Steve has an idea he's been tossing around a love story set on the Titanic, and I actually think I might move away from flms. I've been working on a novel. It's a bit of a departure. It's a boy-wizard and his time at his school in England. Right now, however, I think we're both happy to make these movies. Maybe we'll just do that for the rest of our lives!

Austin Outberger, Variety Magazine, January, 1989

tales from the campfire: jack smith, the blacksmith's son

Written and Directed by Jenn Tubrett

Amy – Gena DiFlavio

Rick – Cameron MacDonald

Ben – James FW Thompson

Black Jack Smith – ???? ??????

black jack 2

By Jason Burke

Directed by James FW Thompson

Devin – Jonathan Lewis

Michelle – Gena DiFlavio

Felicia – Erin Thompson

Black Jack – Clayton D'Orsay

black jack 3: the final slaughter

By Walter Carey

Directed by Erin Thompson

Marcus – Walter Carey

Delivery Man – Joel Inglis

Felicia – Jenn Tubrett

black jack iv: the homecoming

By James FW Thompson

Directed by Jason Burke

Francis – Jonathan Lewis

Sandy – Jenn Tubrett

Jack – Joel Inglis

Nancy – Gena DiFlavio

Tommy – Cameron MacDonald

black jack v: black francis

By James FW Thompson

Directed by Mary-Jean Doyle

Francis – Cameron MacDonald


Lighting – Ken Heaton and Jason Burke

Sound Operation – Bill Doyle

Make-Up – Nicole MacDonald

“Black Jack's Theme” Composer – Jason Burke

Sound Engineer – Matthew Burke of Red Room Recordings

Poster Design – Hilary Scott

Producer – Wesley Colford

special thanks

Michael Taylor, Scott Sharplin, and Stephen McIssac (the original Jack, Francis, and Jake), Todd Hiscock, Ambrose Lewis, Kevin Colford, Violet Burke, our friends, families, and victims.

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