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The history of a country’s good people who strived to live at a time when silence meant survival – the story of a mother and a daughter who traveled across their silence, to reach out for what they had lost.

Thursday, May 3 at 7:30PM - Admission Pay-What-You-Can

Length: 75 minutes

(with an intermission)


In Buenos Aires, Argentina, under the rule of the country’s last military junta, a daughter grows into womanhood in the small confines of her loving family. When democracy is reinstated, the daughter learns that her dearest great uncle was involved in the political violence perpetrated by the old regime. Her world splits. Her great uncle dies. To her questions, those who outlive him offer no answers. The knowing silence around her mirrors the knowing silence within. Years pass. In a new country and in another language, the daughter confronts an old silence – a great loss – that neither daughter nor mother could ever afford to touch. Certain that speaking her loss is the door to growing fully alive, the daughter sets out on the epic adventure of reinventing the future to restory the past. The journey, nothing short of wondrous, brings mother and daughter together and fully alive. A triumph of courage, memory and imagination, Landscapes of Silence tells, in essence, the story of the life we give when we brave the love to ask, to listen, and to speak.