In its simplest, non-denominational form, communion denotes the act of sharing.  

Leda wants to repair her damaged relationship with her "born-again" daughter, Ann. Meanwhile, her therapist, Carolyn, must balance the needs of her clients with her own life problems. A sensitive and thoughtful play about faith, loss, and our search for meaning; told through the struggles of three women rapidly losing, and gaining, a sense of what they truly believe in.

Sydney born Daniel MacIvor is one of Canada's most beloved and prolific playwrights. In 2006, MacIvor received the Governor General's Literary Award for Drama and in 2008 he was awarded the Siminovitch Prize for Theatre.  Communion debuted at Toronto's Tarragon Theatre.


I tend to be drawn to challenging plays. Communion at first might seem easy. It is very well written. Small cast. Two locations. But its economy is not to be mistaken for ease. Although there is a simplicity and grace at its heart, that heart is cradled in a richly woven tapestry. A story that doesn't reveal itself directly, but in pieces shared and exchanged by the women who are never all on stage together. There lies a challenge to really dive deep into the art of being human, with all its complexity. This play in particular uses a lot of silence which can be a scary thing on stage but also a scary thing in real life. There is a musical ebb and flow that builds with the struggles and bridges in the moments of isolation. It's in those silences that our flurry of words reverberate and resonate and we are revealed. It's those experiences that leave us bare. There is a risk of getting lost in that darkness but also a pressure to let our light shine and burst forth. Perhaps that's why we hide? Perhaps that's why we run away? Or deflect fiercely? Ultimately, it is a deep drive for love that bonds us as people to triumph over all obstacles, be it what the world throws at us or our own personal fears. It's a real challenge to navigate those waters and it's been a joy to be part of that journey with Maureen, Katherine, Carolyn, Rochelle, and Raychelle. I am very proud of them for accepting the challenges of this play. Their courage together is very gripping and raw. It takes courage to open that door. And to be open to what happens next. To wait and listen in that silence. To find that question. And really hear it. 

highland arts theatre presents COMMUNION

WRITTEN BY Daniel MacIvor

DIRECTED BY Sarah Blanchard

CAROLYN Carolyn Dunn

LEDA Maureen MacAdam

ANN Katherine Woodford

STAGE MANAGER Rochelle MacQueen

ASSISTANT SM Raychelle Doue


TECHNICIAN Mary-Jean Doyle



PRODUCER Wesley J. Colford



Sandra Dunn, Shane MacAdam, John Doue, Duane Nardocchio, Jonathan Lewis, Gloria LaForte, Kwik Kopy Printing

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: COMMUNION was first produced at the Tarragon Theatre in March, 2010. COMMUNION is staged by arrangement with Pam Winter, Gary Goddard Agency,

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