ANNOUNCING: The Highland Arts Theatre Resident Company


This summer, Highland Arts Theatre is looking for performers of all ages to make up it’s first ever Resident Company. The inaugural group will receive training in singing, dancing, and acting in anticipation of a Variety Showcase after eight weeks of rehearsal.

This dedicated group will rehearse once a week through July and August with an emphasis on harmony in group singing, dance in a variety of styles, and advancing Cape Breton’s talent pool as “Triple Threat” performers.

Music Direction for the summer will be shared by Barb Stetter (Dream, Heart of Steel, Herstory) and Chris Mounteer, who is a teacher and Music Director at Sheridan College, as part of the faculty of their internationally acclaimed Musical Theatre Performance Program.

Choreography and dance training will be led by Cynthia Vokey (Dream, Heart of Steel, A Christmas Carol), with occasional guest choreographers. 

Rehearsals will be every Wednesday from 6:00 to 9:00pm starting July 13th. A full company Variety Showcase will take place August 30th and 31st at 8:00pm.

There will be $150 in Membership Dues which will cover all program expenses as well as instructor and infrastructure costs. 

Because of the concentrated nature of this program, we require a commitment of attendance for at least 85% of rehearsals. 

A sub-section of the Resident Company will also be offered: a “JR Residents” program for performers aged 13 and under. These company members will rehearse separately, with Membership Dues only $100. 
If there is enough interest, these rehearsals may take place at a slightly earlier time. 


It is our hope to include a wide variety of performers in this group with differing levels of experience and talents. The Resident Company will be used to represent the HAT in public performances as well as future productions.

Interested parties should contact Highland Arts Theatre for more details at

DEADLINE TO SUBMIT: June 30th, 2016

Limited spots available so book early! 


A subsidiary of the Highland Conservatory for the Arts



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